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From David McGraw, M.Sc
Dear Friends...

If you could transform one area of your life in the next 30 days, what would you change?

Attract more wealth and do whatever you want?
Heal emotional pain from your past and move on?
Increase your self-confidence and self-respect?
Lose weight and look fantastic?
Let go of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck?
Put the magic back into your relationships?
Stop bad habits without anxiety and depression?
Increase your energy, passion and determination?
Live stress free & look and feel more youthful?

What would you transform ___________?

You can transform anything in your life with the 30 day challenge!

All you have to do is choose one powerful exercise from our cutting-edge collection of over 40 proven transformational techniques.

Then each day, for 30 consecutive days, sit back in your favorite chair, relax and let the groundbreaking recordings work their magic. And watch as your life miraculously transforms in 30 days or less!

Imagine – you’ll be combining four dynamic mind/body technologies—that individually have affected the lives of hundreds of thousands—into a powerful force to fulfill your greatest desires.

That’s what I’ve done for you. I’ve focused my unique expertise in Visualization, Hypnosis, Affirmations and Meditations into a highly effective collection of personal-growth programs that can literally transform your life in less than 30 days!

Ten years ago, I began teaching these revolutionary techniques to my students while teaching meditation classes at the University of Toronto. My students were absolutely blown away by the life-changing transformations they experienced. That's when I decided to take these techniques and share them with the world. Today over 1 million people have now used these powerful techniques to transform their lives.

Take the 30 day challenge today and you'll have instant access to over 40 cutting-edge sessions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Plus when you join today, you'll also receive first-class personal one-on-one coaching.

With my expertise in coaching and training, I'll personally be here to help guide you to achieve your biggest goals and dreams! I've already helped thousands of other members reach their goals. Your time is now! (coaching spaces fill up fast)

Take The 30 Day Challenge Today!


Hi David, I want to share with you some success I have had from your recordings!! I have been listening to the Accelerator daily for the last few weeks, and started listening to the Law Of Expectation as you suggested. Yesterday at work I was asked to give a presentation for students and parents and normally I would be very nervous talking in front of people (this was one of my great fears, not sure why).  Amazingly, yesterday was one of my best moments as far as talking in front of people, I was not nervous, I was confident, and I enjoyed it! Complete opposite of what I normally experienced!

~ Joe

Thank you so extremely much for your help. Your powerful sessions have done miracles in my financial, economical, love, relationship, educational, life and honestly in every area of my life!

~ Anna Fleming

"I started listening to your sessions two nights ago until I fell asleep, and yeah, I wake up feeling great, more confident, beautiful and healthy inside and out. Even my business picked up its pace and everything just started to get better than they ever were. Thanks for creating this! :D More power and blessings to you David! :))

‪~ Akira Yuuki‬

"I have been meditating since I was 15, I am now 53. I thought I knew how to do deep meditations. I have never managed such a sense of bliss and relaxation as these tracks allow. Thank you

~ Dabed

“Hi David, I’d just like to say that your Intuition Meditation was the most powerful thing I have ever felt! I literally felt a big ball of energy go through me, it lasted for about 20 seconds! I am so overwhelmed and thankful to you. It was truly amazing. Thank you so so much!!! Kind regards,

~ Karen Hunter

WOW!! I have NEVER experienced anything like that, it was just as when you’re not quite asleep so you’re alert enough to be able to hear but you are dozing off… the main difference is that this was extremely peaceful!!! I feel SO amazing! I feel like I can do anything, and not be affected!!! And so alert but like I just woke up from the perfect dream!!! This will definitely help people with more than just self esteem, I feel like I could do ANYTHING!!! Thank you so much!

~ Isilee

“David’s Meditations are like no other. His voice is clear, gentle and calming. The direction is simple to follow without disturbing the deep peace that settles in as I progress to complete abandon of all the days happenings. After using these sessions for the first week I noticed that my reactions to daily stresses are different. I no longer allow the stress to engage me, instead I am quietly removed from the drama which results in a better outcome all around. I choose to set aside time for this daily practice it does make a profound difference.

~ Linda Aulenti

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