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Fully Loaded MP3 Player Created For ALL Your Self-Mastery Needs!

Finally! You can have every cutting-edge transformational session on one fully loaded mp3 player. No more struggling with confusing downloads or dealing with scratched CDs!

Now you can enjoy an entire self-mastery collection on your very own personal development MP3 player, fully loaded with every cutting-edge session that David has created (over 45 powerful sessions included).

Just sit back and choose the breakthrough session you wish to listen to and push play. It's as simple as that!

Your high quality MP3 player will be delivered straight to your door step with every session already downloaded and ready for you to enjoy anywhere at anytime!

You'll enjoy breakthrough sessions on abundance, health, wealth, motivation, life-purpose, relationships, law of attraction, self-confidence, leadership, inspiration and more! Over $1000.00 worth of sessions all on one easy to use mp3 player.

Imagine having every breakthrough technique you'll ever need to live the life of your highest calling placed right in the palm of your hands!

* Release negative subconscious programing!
* Lose unwanted weight!
* Banish fears and unhealthy stress!
* Dissolve limiting beliefs!
* Eliminate patterns of failure and bad habits!
* End struggling and searching for purpose!

Every struggle, every challenge and every obstacle you face can be quickly overcome when you have the proven tools to face them with.

These cutting-edge techniques can be yours today to awaken within you the...

* Wisdom, Intuition, Insight
* Laser Focus, Determination, Motivation
* Self-Confidence, Self-Love, Personal Power
* Energy, Vitality, Strength  
* Passion, Purpose and Drive...

to conquer, breakthrough and surmount any of life's challenges!

Manifesting your greatest desires could be just one small breakthrough away. What would that be worth to you?

It Gets Even Better!

When you order your MP3 player today, you'll automatically be put on a special list to receive every new recording that David creates. You'll simply add it to your mp3 player. This will be worth thousands! (10 amazing new recordings are in the studio now).

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I honestly believe that you're going to truly enjoy owning the MP3 player. However, if you're not satisfied, in any way, then just return the mp3 player within 30 days of receiving it and we'll refund 100% of your investment - no questions asked! Simple!

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