"Goal Clarity Exercise"

Let's get congruent with your goals. As you've heard me say before; we must be clear on what we want. We need to know what it is that we want and then we must take action towards attaining it.

Today we're going to bring to mind one of our goals - this could be in the area of career, relationship, personal, spiritual or any other type of goal you wish to work with.

When you have a goal in mind click on the link below to begin... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05U1B9wcAwM

MaestroMonth Recordings Now Available

A Feast for Your Heart, Mind, Soul MaestroMonth Recordings Now Available!

Last month I participated in MaestroMonth -- an extraordinary learning event with dozens of today's top personal transformation leaders, all using an interactive new teleseminar platform from MaestroConference.

At first, the recordings were only available to the speakers themselves. But lucky for us, that's changed!

Maestro is now offering a downloadable library of the recordings from MaestroMonth for an incredibly low price...

...Only $49 for full access to more than 50 illuminating calls!

So if you missed a call, or just wish you had the recording of one, now you can listen to all of them, anytime you want.


For less than $1 per recording, you get a library of practical wisdom from teachers such as:

* Deepak Chopra * Gregg Braden * Marianne Williamson * Debbie Ford * Michael Port * Bernie Siegel * Judith Orloff * Barbara Marx Hubbard * And many, many more!

It's quite a feast for heart, mind, and soul. This gets my strongest recommendation...




P.S. Will you listen to all 50 recordings? Maybe, maybe not. But if you get real value from just 10 of these calls, you will have made your investment back many times over.

Something to think about! http://maestroconference.com/specials?p=dmcgraw&w=mmaudio

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