Power Affirmations - Over 500 Powerful Affirmations For Your Success 

Using Affirmations to Create Success and Abundance

Affirmations are an incredibly powerful tool that can be used to focus the mind, create calm and provide direction.

Affirmations are used widely for many reasons, including business, school and weight loss. Sometimes, mental road blocks and memories can create exaggerated fear of failure or of the unknown. Sometimes the subconscious, in an effort to protect us, can interfere with success.

By dedicating a block of time each day to working with affirmations, those fears are weakened and replaced with a positive, beneficial message. 

As change occurs through dedicated and consistent use of affirmations, there are other affirmations that target those new goals created through growth. This audio allows for and encourages that by having the availability of many and varied affirmations.

Using these on a daily basis can help manifest desired change and goals. This audio contains over 500 affirmation opportunities and solutions offered. These include extremely effective affirmations for wealth, success, self-confidence, weight loss, self-esteem, law of attraction and more. Affirmations that will remove negative self talk and replace it with positive motivation.

It usually takes a habit to be broken or a change to take hold in 28 days. Take that 28 day challenge and use these amazing affirmations to not only remove but replace with something much better.

These affirmations won't bring you that new house, car, or pants size but what they will do is fire the creative spark and drive necessary to achieve those things. Helping to clear those old worn out messages and road blocks that fogged up the finish line.

For optimal results take time out at least once a day to listen to this session. Use headphones to help focus on the affirmation and connect with my voice, lifting and receiving the layers of nuances that trigger change. There are no gimmicks or quick tricks. These are time tested affirmations that get results fast. 

Challenging preconceived ideas takes work but no more work than brushing our teeth in the morning or taking the garbage out at night. Just like those things need to be done to take care of ourselves and our home, affirmations need to be done to take care of our goals and dreams. Affirmations help remind us who we really are, where we really want to be and effectively block out the noise that tries to take away from that message. 

Please wear headphones for best results. When you do, you'll hear my voice in multiple levels - this will allow you to take in more of the affirmations and at a deeper level. Listening to this positive affirmations audio on a daily basis will help you to create the positive changes that you desire for all areas of your life.