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Dear friends,

Do you remember that wonderful feeling you had after meeting that special person and you were so excited about them you couldn't wait to let your friends know?

Well that's how I feel right now about The Accelerator.

In short, I have just put together one the most powerful, unique and groundbreaking meditations of my entire career!

As you may know, my Guided Visualizations are bestsellers. I created them to eliminate the Limiting Beliefs in your subconscious mind – those “Energy Sucking” beliefs stopping you from manifesting or achieving what you want – and they all work wonders.

But I kept asking myself if I could make something even better – something faster, stronger, deeper, even more powerful.

And that’s when I was inspired to create something I now call “The Accelerator Meditation.”

Let me describe it to you…

Why The Accelerator Works

What makes this amazing new audio vastly different and so much more powerful in getting real-world results than anything else ever done is the following —

  • It contains a breakthrough induction to take you deep into relaxation and speaks directly to your subconscious mind.
  • It contains beautiful relaxing music with the soothing and relaxing sounds of the ocean.
  • It contains a combination of the most powerful concepts of the full (sold out) 22 Day Course.
  • It contains a special new technology that allows you to gain more transformation in less time.

Obviously, the Accelerator is a breakthrough transformational tool like none other!

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Keeping the unconscious blocks will cause a long life of frustration.

Think of it – a powerful meditation with beautiful new music, powerful new affirmations, and a powerful induction for your unconscious to hear – and it creates change fast!.

And all you do is sit or lay back and relax.

This can’t get any easier.

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