Top 10 Important Reasons to Listen to Affirmations Each Day.

I put this top 10 list together as a reminder why it's crucial that we listen to and use affirmations daily on our path of growth and transformation.

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1. Magical Dreams - When you listen to affirmations before going to bed at night your dreams become much more vivid, clear and they're also a lot more fun and exciting. In fact, just last night I had an amazing dream where I was flying through a beautiful mountainous forest. I woke up feeling amazingly good. And so will you.

2. Fantastic Mornings - When you listen to your affirmations each morning, you will "hit the ground running". You'll start the day pumped up and positive. I love to listen to my affirmations as I'm walking along the beach in the morning. Nothing better than that!

3. Create Yourself Anew- You become what you think about all day long. Affirmations help you to develop the beliefs and mindset to become the person you truly wish to be.

4. Longevity and Health- Scientific studies show that positive feelings lead to greater health and overall healthier lifestyles. Listening to affirmations daily helps keep us positive and happy, so we look better and feel better. People often tell me I look a lot younger than I am and I believe it's directly related to the affirmations and visualizations I practice.

5. More Money - As the Law of Attraction states  - "what you think about you become". When you focus your mind on being more abundant then you will attract more abundance into your life. I can hardly believe how much of an impact this has had on my financial abundance!

6. Greater Confidence - Listening to positive affirmations trains your mind and body to act and feel more confident. As you listen to affirmations, you begin to see pictures in your mind of you being confident. The more often you see these pictures in your mind, the more confident you will become.

7. Positive Expectancy - What you expect, you get. With affirmations you will begin to expect the best and you'll therefore get the best.

8. Personal Magnetism - People who are positive and happy tend look and appear much more attractive then those who aren't. I'm sure you've heard the saying "confidence is sexy" right? Well according to my wife's Cosmo magazine, it's true :)

9. Freedom from Bad Moods - When I'm feeling cranky (yes I get cranky too) I always tune into my affirmations and it immediately helps me to feel better. My wife definitely appreciates this :)

10. Energy - Affirmations make us feel positive and when we're positive we feel energized. When we're energized we take action and make our goals come alive. And unless you take action, your dreams will unfortunately always just remain dreams.

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