"Why Visualization Is The Key To Manifesting The Life You Desire And How To Stop Attracting What You Don't Want"

Visualization is a powerful, proven technique for refining your self-image and making important changes in your life. It involves placing yourself in a trance state and imagining positive scenes.

Whether or not you believe in the effectiveness of visualization doesn’t matter. Belief in the technique may help you achieve results faster than a ‘nonbeliever’, but belief isn’t essential to the process. Your mind is structured in such a way that visualization works no matter what you believe.

Skepticism may keep you from trying visualization, but it won’t stop the technique from working once you do try it.

Visualization raises your self-esteem by improving your self-image, by changing the way you relate to others, and by helping you achieve specific goals. Some people’s visualizations are like watching a movie. For others, it’s simply having a sense of what you are suggesting. It works either way.

Improving your self-image is the first and most important step. If you currently see yourself as weak and helpless, practice visualizing yourself as strong and resourceful. To change the way you interact with others, visualize scenes in which you are outgoing, friendly, etc. See yourself in satisfying relationships with others.

You can use visualization to achieve specific goals. See yourself finally getting that raise, earning that college degree, excelling in your favorite sport, etc. In short, being, doing and having what you want in life.

Visualization works because your mind can’t tell the difference between a visualization and an actual event. And since the mind controls the body it causes a similar physiological reaction to imaginary experiences as to real experiences.

You are using visualization in your life right now. However, if you're not getting what you want in life, you do it in reverse.

You visualize and subsequently choose the negative path. You see yourself as unworthy, and so you expect and choose to lose, to be rejected, to be disappointed, to be depressed, and to be anxious. You gravitate toward negative and painful situations and people.

The best results come when you aren’t trying too hard or expecting too much. It’s a paradox: you have to let go of what you want before you can get it. View your visualization exercises as pleasant and relaxing and let go of wondering whether they will “work” eventually or not.