Get Ready to Experience the Deepest Meditation Imaginable....

The Phenomenal Yoga Nidra Meditation: Your Epic Journey To The Blissful Peak Experience!

What if you were given a proven step by step process that would take you to the deepest state of meditation imaginable, how would you use it?

If you did use it, can you imagine how incredible you would feel as you watched your body and mind fall into deep sleep yet your higher self remained totally aware?

If you were given the secret meditation practiced for centuries for reaching higher states of consciousness and enlightenment, how would your life change?

What would you create with it? Who would you be? How would your world change?

A Truly Life-Changing Experience

When you meditate using the 43 Minute Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation, you will be guided in a step by step process specifically designed for you to achieve a profoundly deep level of meditation.

In only a matter of minutes, you'll witness your entire body falling asleep. Next you'll effortlessly watch your mind flow into an unbelievably deep and tranquil state. At this point you will enter into a state of conscious deep sleep, yet remain awake.

Once you are in this very deep state of awareness you will be asked to repeat a resolve 3 times. This resolve will be embedded deep into your subconscious mind effectively shifting your current reality.

I know of no other method available anywhere where you can make such profound changes in your life so easily and effortlessly!

Practicing the Yoga Nidra Meditation is Like Having 3 Hours of Deep Sleep!

Yoga Nidra is known as "conscious deep sleep". When you meditate using the Yoga Nidra Meditation it is like having 3 hours of blissful deep sleep.

The benefits of getting this deep rest are staggering - better health, less anxiety and stress, youthful appearance, positive mood, and more.

You Simply Won't Get the Same Results With Any Other Meditation!

You've probably heard about all the amazing benefits of meditation such as - increased energy, healing energy, glowing appearance, happier mood, etc. But unfortunately many meditation techniques aren't able to take you to the deep state of meditation where all the incredible magic happens.

The Yoga Nidra Meditation is different. This step by step system is more advanced, more enjoyable and the benefits are far more exciting and long lasting.

What Others Are Saying:

David's Yoga Nidra is like no other. His voice is clear, gentle and calming. The directions are simple to follow without disturbing the deep peace that settles in as I progress to complete abandon of all the days happenings.

I've noticed that my reactions to daily stresses are different. I no longer allow the stress to engage me, instead I am quietly removed from the drama which results in a better outcome for all around. I choose to set aside time for this daily practice it does make a significant difference.

Linda Aulenti

"I have been meditating since I was 15, I am now 53. I thought I knew how to do deep meditations. I have never managed such a sense of bliss and relaxation as this track allowed.

Thank you
~ Dabed

The Breathtaking Background Music Will Take You Even Deeper!

The 43 minute Yoga Nidra meditation was created with beautiful continuous music, specifically crafted to help you induce deep meditation.

Starting with the beautiful sounds of a pan flute and strings, a relaxing beat begins at 60 bpm (beats per minute), gradually slowing to 30 bpm and taking you down into deep trance with it.

The tone changes to one of serenity and relaxation as the mind is soothed and comforted by the subliminal sounds of a lullaby - played ever so subtly so as not to occupy the conscious mind, while bringing familiar, comforting tones and intervals to the subconscious.

The music is so peaceful - swimming through your mind with beautiful colors and warm tones.

This is more than just background music. It is carefully designed to help induce the perfect state of meditation in your Yoga Nidra experience.

Remove Years of Pent Up Fears, Anxiety, Illness, Worries and Stress!

The Yoga Nidra Meditation has an almost magical way of releasing fears, anxiety, illness, worries and other negative forces that plague our well-being.

You'll notice a remarkable difference in your total being after just one session.