A Life Changing Experience

by Kathleen Stephan
(Port Richey, FL)

I have been following this program for 10 days and feeling such great awareness and improvement in the way I think and feel. My level of peace has skyrocketed and stress has become conspicuously absent. However, each time I followed the guided visualization, I felt as if I was asleep. With David's reassurance that my subconscious mind was still reaping great benefits and that eventually, I would remain conscious, I continued the program. On the eleventh day, I followed the guided visualization for "unstoppable self-esteem" and to my great satisfaction, I remained conscious and aware throughout the entire visualization. I experienced an unbelievable feeling of relaxation and confidence while also experiencing a greater love for myself than I have ever known before.

David, thank you so much for this program and all the hard work you must have put into creating it. I cannot express how dramatically my awareness, confidence, and peace have increased. I have struggled with stress and anxiety at times over the past few years and in 11 days, I feel as if I have been totally freed of these negative drains on my life and my joy. I am completely confident that things can only get better as I continue in this program and move on to others you have created.

My wish for others is that they will try and stick to this program so they can reap lasting, immeasurable benefits.

Thank you again.

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