Be my own friend


My name is Sebastian and I'm 28 years old from Cologne, Germany. My life was a big struggle and I recently got the diagnosis ADD. I always had thousand thought at one time and could'nt filter them. I am taking Ritalin now and that's working great for me. My most important intention is to be my own friend and start to tolerate the voice in my head. The ideas of the voice are quite different to my real intentions. I am really avoiding the contact with the voice because the little me wants to get money really fast (no matter how) and tries to get advantage in every part of life. I'm not letting it out because i had so much struggle with my little me when i was a child.

So how can i get in a good touch my my innerself, set boundaries for the little man? It's really somehow like two personalities in my head. :-)

I am really really really thankful for this amazing website and all the seeker who are on an amazing way to inner peace and freedom.

Thanks a lot David Mc Graw!!!

Greetz Sebastian

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