Bill Pizani

by Bill Pizani
(Uberaba, MG, Brazil)

I will make my description short:

Born in a farm in the inland of Brazil, and having to work from age 11, my academic chances were hurt, having to attend night school. I did manage to almost finish high school though. In my limited time to read I chose Norman Vincent Peale, which kept me inspired. At 15 I decided I wanted to leave the country to an English speaking country, since that subject was the reason for my failing one of the years. I could only realize that dream at 19, having been freed from the Army services, leaving my mom and my brother behind. Chose Canada, since it required no entry visa. However, at immigration, I was asked about money, and I did not have enough to prove I could be a decent tourist, as I claimed. They were nice to me though, and released me, with the right to seek work, and report regularly to immigration. Greatest, most memorable experience of my life those 15 months I spent in Vancouver, either working in a restaurant as a janitor, or, most of the time, building (rebuilding) the railroad. Anyone who has ever worked on the tracks know what I mean when hardship comes to mind. I found out that living in the English speaking environs proved I was not dumb, and I did learn the language, the hard, proper way!
One of my greatest accomplishments in my late 30´s was quitting alcohol. I figured it was doing me harm, so... The best thing I have done for my health, my family.
I managed to become a manager, EFL teacher, translator, and at 60 I feel great about myself. We have two children, one a US citizen, living in Oregon, the other, a girl, residing in Singapore, with a permanent residence in Australia. My boy in Oregon has a son, whose picture I am posting. Proud of him!
I have managed to build our own house with our own means, no mortgage, in a quiet place in the State of Minas Gerais, actually my hometown!

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