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Discover a Simple Way to Reach Emotional Control

Do you believe that you are a truly creative being? Well, you are. You are creating in every moment of your life - and you are also creating the emotions that go along with it. Do you realize that you can move into any moment with your state of being determined before hand?

That's right, you can choose ahead of time how you wish to respond to situations. You do not have to be a victim of circumstances, you can achieve emotional control. What if you decided to be in a state of peace no matter what showed up? Do you believe this would make a difference in your perception of the experience? You bet it does.

Neale Walsch tells us: "it is when you decide how you are going to show up before the moment shows up that you have begun to move to mastery. You have learned to master the moment, and that is the beginning of mastery in living"

This is a lesson that I've been practicing for some time now. Some days I'm better at it than others. But this knowledge has had a profound effect on my life. I used to have a really difficult time speaking in public - I believed that it was scary. Every time I got up to say a speech, I felt terrified. It wasn't until I started to really see myself as being confident that I actually started to feel confident. Does that make sense? I began to choose ahead of time how I was going to feel - I developed emotional control, and it worked.

So is there an area of life that keeps showing up over and over again - where it seems like you have no control over how you feel about it? Do you get upset at other drivers? Do you get bothered by the actions of other people? Is there something in your life that creates feelings you don't like? If there is, know that you can now choose in advance how you will feel about it. You can decide on being who you want to be no matter what is happening in the world. What do you now choose to be?