Discover How to be Free from the Fear of Failure

Last night my little girl started walking. It was a magical experience to be able to witness. At first she wobbled clumsily and fell but she kept on trying. She had the biggest smile on her face as she continued to get better and better. She kept falling but without a second thought she would stand up and start over again. You see, the fear of failure hasn't been programed into her young mind. She doesn't care about what mom and dad think if she fails, she isn't worried that we'll laugh at or reject her, she's not afraid that she'll look funny, she is not afraid of failure.

How many of us can say the same? Unfortunately for most of us, our brains were programed to believe that failure is bad. Look at our education system - get good grades you get praise, bad grades and you get a big F, and likely some form of punishment. No wonder we have a hard time stepping out of our comfort zones!

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome on our road to success is the fear of failure. For some people, fear motivates them to tackle their obstacles head on. But for most people, the fear of failure stops them in their tracks. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we've all experienced it. We have all experienced fear, we have all been afraid to do certain things. But we can change that, we can overcome this fear of failure. How? Well for one thing we must de-condition our belief that failure is bad. Failure is not bad, it's how we learn. It's not the only way we learn, but it is effective.

It is not failure itself that we fear it's what we believe about failure that scares us. We may believe failure will lead to rejection, looking stupid, being laughed at, ridiculed, pushed away. But how often does any of that really happen? Not very often, does it? So if this fear has been a problem for you, let's do a little closed eye process to help eliminate the belief.

So in what area of your life does fear hold you back? Playing sports, starting a new career, asking someone on a date? Whatever it is bring it to mind and simply sign up for the Free 23 minute Freedom from Fear Guided Meditation.