For financial Abundance

by Krishna Mohan
(Mumbai ,India)

Hi, I have started this course for making sure that I am financially abundant. I am post graduate IT professional and earning in the top bracket for my experience. However, the money never stays and something or the other requirement comes and flows out leaving a hole and waiting for the 1st of the month to get salary. From outside, it might look funny but, i have been postponing to buy my bluetooth headset which costs a max 3k INR for the past 3-4 years as everytime some other silly requirement comes and this gets a backseat.

wanted to try the course to see if I can become financially independent and have money abundantly in my bank bank balance. This is important for me as a whole lot of relationships are dependent on this balance. I need to have more money so tht I can take care of my dreams. I want to be a billionaire and recognized in my social strata. I want an inclusive growth so that all my people are also financially overflowing with money. Money should not dictate relationships but it should help in building great bonds.
I want to have a family holiday with all my people (brother/sister/parents/family) on exotic serene Switzerland. Everyone should be happy and should enjoy. I want to have a bunglow which is a duplex and has its own swimming pool and a garden and with lots of greenary outside.. I am determined to get all these.

I keep updating on the progress!

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