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Goal Setting 101 - "Want to Get to the Top of Your Goals and Achievements?"

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Reaching our goals and achievements in life are a sure fire way to have Peak Experiences. Let’s look at how to properly set up our goals and achieve them. Always remember, in order to accomplish anything in life we must have a target. We must know what it is we want to accomplish, and then write it down. And we must do our goal setting in a proper way. Here is the how and the why of goal setting. Four outcomes will occur when you write down and focus on your goals …

    1. You’ll begin to notice resources you can use that you may not have noticed before
    2. You’ll begin to generate ideas you can use to achieve it
    3. Your motivation for action will increase
    4. You’ll begin to develop personal qualities you’ll need such as; imagination, self-confidence, perseverance, and passion

Here a few important steps in goal setting to remember while you write out your goals…

    • Keep your goals positive, avoid using negative statements
    • You want to focus on the outcome you intend to achieve, not what your trying to avoid
    • State your goal in the present, as if it were already achieved
    • Begin with phrases such as I am, I am able to, I am so happy and

    grateful now that...etc

    • Be precise and concise; use as few words as possible
    • Make it exciting. Find passion and energy in your goals
    • Write your goals for yourself, not for others
Now let’s look at 7 main areas in our lives where goal setting would be a must.
    1. Career/business- what does your ultimate career look like? What could it look like?
    2. Financial goals- how much money do you want make? How much do you want to save?
    3. Recreation goals- what do you want to do that you really enjoy? Where would you like to go?
    4. Health/fitness goals- how do you want to look and feel? What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?
    5. Relationship goals- what does your ideal relationship look like? How do you wish to connect with others?
    6. Charity/generosity- in what ways could you make a difference in the world? Who could you help?
    7. Personal/spiritual growth- what is the grandest version of the greatest vision you’ve ever had about your life?
Successful people focus on what they want to create, those who neglect to focus on what they want, often get what they don’t want.

One of the most powerful ways to live an intentional life is through goal setting. So how about doing it now? c’mon it’ll only take a few minutes. Like the Nike slogan says: Just Do IT!

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