I Now Truly BELIEVE!

by Loriena Oliva
(Cebu City Philippines)

Hi there, my name is Ien. Though I believe in God and in His Word, deep inside me there was something that really held me back then to do what I wanted to be doing in life. In result, all of my past endeavors failed. The good news here, lately I started to think more positive about what is happening around me, no matter what it seems to be really happening. I begun to learn to master my mind and to think and to believe what I really would like to be having or to achieve in my life. I regard my present situation to be my past and I live in my future the way I wanted it to be. In so doing I felt more confident in everything I do and that I am certain now of what will be the result of all my endeavor. My life intention is to become an inspiration to many especially to the less privilege to achieve their dreams or their life intention.

I just started to invest in a Network Marketing Business with ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL here in the Philippines. We engaged in Distribution business of Herbal Products made by Nature's Way from Springville, Utah, USA. My intention is to be able to attract more people from my country and also from other countries in the world to join with me in my network marketing business and so to build a huge network that can create for me millions of dollar income in a year. With a good intention in my heart to glorify God through my abundance, I see myself to give generously and as I freely give, I freely receive more abundantly. I see myself with my love ones traveling the world more often and meeting more generous, successful and wealthy people that may also join my business. Finally my urgent intention now is to be able to qualify for Hongkong Trip Incentive this March 2012. Please email me, if you would like to help me manifest my intention by joining my network: ien2k4@yahoo.com / www.allianceinmotion.com

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