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"Law of Life - Announcing The Simple Law of Attraction!"

Well this term has definitely received a lot of attention lately, hasn’t it? So let’s have a deeper look into it and see how you can use it to better your life.

What this Law of life basically implies is that- what you tend to focus on- you’ll attract into your life. Now this is both good and bad. Good because if we focus on what we want, we’ll attract that. But if we focus on what we don’t want, we’ll attract that into our lives as well.

Here is an example of how this works. Lets just say you want a certain car, you really desire to have this car. You focus on it just about every day. Now your brain, being a goal-seeking device, is going to notice this car everywhere! You’ll be driving down the street and you’ll seem to catch it out of the corner of your eye every time. If you really want to have this car, you’ll unconsciously (or sometimes consciously) begin this 4-step process to getting it:

    1. You will begin to think of ways to get it
    2. You will discover resources you can use to get it.
    3. You will develop personal qualities you might need
    4. You will begin to take action, and get the result you focus on.
Now what happens when we focus on what we don’t want? Yep-same process, if you repeat to yourself everyday that you don’t want to be fat, you’ll get fat. Your brain sees in pictures. So what do you think you’ll visualize if you say; I don’t want to be over weight? Right, you being over weight. And your brain will follow this 4-step process to meet this goal.

The mind sees in pictures, it doesn’t understand negative connotations, such as; can’t, don’t, won’t etc. If I tell you NOT to think of a red elephant, what happens? You think of a red elephant. This is why it’s so important to focus on exactly what you want, and not to focus on what you don’t want.

The simple Law of Attraction works. Plant a positive seed in your mind, visualize it, believe in it, then take action on it, and it will develop. And your life will be blessed with Peak Experiences.

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