Life full of purpose!

by ilya

My name is Ilya Lichshtein, and I'm 18 years old...

I started studying self development 2 years ago, and i must say, I love life, and loving life is something i want to teach and share with the world.
I truely believe that it is possible to make big changes in the world, especialy in our era in which we start to live more spiritual life, and in which more and more people understand life.
Living with heart full of love, and being happy, is not a fairytale. In fact, it is more realistic than most of people may think.
Its us, people who are striving to make themselves better people are the ones who are gifted to pass this magical ability to the rest of the world.
Being happy, Loving life, Enjoying the present(Living the moment),Giving to Give and not to recieve, Connecting with our inner sources, Feeling one with the universe, Living with purpose!
These are the things i believe every human being deserve,
and i really want to take part in sharing it with everyone!

David, you are an amazing person, and i want to thank you... you are changing my life for the best.
I just have to tell you that your work here is a big part of my life and my future succes... god bless you!

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