Self Love part 2

By: Bernard McGraw

In my last article, I suggested that you look at yourself in the mirror and make affirmation that you love yourself. I also mentioned that it is wise to forgive yourself for anything that you think you have done wrong in your past. Sooner or later you will realize why this is so important. So just give yourself time to absorb these important suggestions.

Next, I mentioned that when you go to bed you should focus and send love to different parts of your body (especially those areas that requires immediate attention). Again this is very important for self healing and to maintain a healthy body.

Now I would like to add something else that is also important and powerful. It is in a form of a prayer, a petition or a request to your higher Self. It is reaching deep down within yourself where your Divine Self is located. So here it is.

"God of my heart, infuse my being with your divine light and cleans me of all impurities of body and mind so that I may experience a healthy body and live in peace, harmony and love."

These are very powerful exercises, tried them and I guarantee that they will work for you. This will serve as a great foundation for the benefit of your health and peace of mind. It is also the beginning of greater things to come.

Till next time.

May love be with you and keep you healthy.

Sincerely Bernard McGraw

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