Self Love part 3

Self Love Part 3

By: Bernard McGraw

Dr. Masaru Emoto a pioneer Japanese researcher has done some very interesting works in the photography of frozen water crystals. What he has shown in these experiments is the effect emotions have on water. For example, positive words such as love, gratitude, compassion, caring etc. produced beautiful snow shaped crystals. On the other hand water exposed to negative thoughts, such as hatred, jealousy, words like you make me sick etc. produced incomplete ugly patterns with dull colors.

Your body is made of mostly water. Just think what effect your thoughts could have on your body if it can influence the shape of water crystals. Think of what happens inside your body when you get angry, get frustrated or have other kinds of negative thoughts. Now think of what could happen inside your body when you practice self love, when you show gratitude and truly appreciate what you have.

Now this experiment also shows that thoughts effect matter outside of yourself. If thoughts like "you make me sick" effect water in a negative way, what do you think happens when you say it to someone? And even if you only thought about it; the experiments show that thoughts have an external effect. For many centuries people in different cultures (and even today) prayed to different deities as a petition, so that they may change conditions in or outside themselves. We now know that the power lies within ourselves. We do have influence over our health and to some extent that of others.

When you practice self love, you are nourishing the seed of the Creator within, which is love. When you extend love to others the seed of love grows like a flower within you. Two thousand years ago there was born a messenger. He came to deliver the message of love. He said to love thy neighbor like thyself. To love and to forgive each other. To give thanks for life and all that you have. He was also the perfect example of love. With love and the power of belief, you can make miracles and move mountains. We all know the story of Jesus and we must realize that the message here is what is important.

This is a universal message. It is a message for people of all walks of life. It does not matter what religion you follow. It does not matter what you believe in. It is a message for you to follow. Your health, your well being and the well being of others depends on it. As a matter of fact, the well being of our planet depends on it too. This is where is starts. It is by loving yourself first and then others that we can all be saved.

May love grow within you. Sincerely Bernard McGraw
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