"How Powerful is Acknowledging Your Past Success?"

If you truly want to be happy and successful, then you must acknowledge your past success. This is incredibly important!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been conditioned since birth to focus more on the s*it we’ve messed up, than on what we’ve done right. Our parents scolded us when we stepped out of line, but said nothing when we were well behaved. Our teachers gave us a big X on our wrong answers and left the right ones blank. Our coaches yelled at us for dropping the ball, but said nothing when we made a good catch. Isn’t it true that there was often more emotional intensity around our negative actions than our positive ones? Well for most of us, yes!

Research has shown us that we tend to focus on those events that have had an emotional impact on us. And sadly, for many of us, these were negative experiences. Because of this we begin to under-appreciate our accomplishments and successes. A lot of people have no problem telling you about the stuff they’ve messed up in the past week. But ask them about what they’ve been successful at and they give you a blank stare. Not good!

So why is focusing on your past success so vitally important, you might ask? The answer: Self-Esteem.

Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles gives us a great way to look at this. He says “ Imagine for a moment that your self-esteem is like a stack of poker chips. Then imagine that you and I are playing a game of poker and you have 10 chips and I have 200 chips. Who do think is going to play more conservatively in this game of poker? Yes, you are. If you lose two bets of 5 chips you’re out of the game. I can loose 5 chips 40 times before I’m out of the game, so I am going to take more risks because I can afford to take the losses. Your level of self-esteem works the same way. The more self esteem you have, the more risks you are willing to take.” Isn’t that true? (Great book by the way, I highly recommend it)

So if you are trying to reach that “big goal” or just want to feel better about yourself, wouldn’t spending a bit of time acknowledging and celebrating your past success be worthwhile? You bet it would!

What is success? Well it could be anything! It can be something you’re proud of, something you learned or experienced, a fear you overcame, taking action toward a goal, etc. Perhaps you can acknowledge yourself for getting out of bed earlier to exercise, visualize your goals and spend some quiet time in meditation.

So do you want to achieve greater success and happiness in your life? Do you want more self-confidence in your self? Of course you do.

Try this: make a list (a big list) of all the things you’ve accomplished in your life. Write them all down no matter how big or small. The more you can acknowledge, the more gains you’ll experience. Get ready for some truly Peak Experiences to come!

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