"Imagine Having More Peace in Life"

What is it to be in a state of peace, what does that mean to you? Take a moment to pause and give yourself time to reflect on what peace in life is. You do have a few minutes to take a pause, don't you? If not, has your life become too busy? If it has than this would be a great opportunity to take a short break. Take 30 seconds and decide what is your definition of peace?

Are you experiencing peace in life right now?

If your answer is yes, has your peace been put to the test yet? Has peace been there with you during your most difficult situations? Do you feel you can remain at peace during some of the more difficult situations in your life, whatever that might be? I think that this is important to recognize - to be in a state of peace when things are moving around smoothly is one thing, but remaining at peace while there is chaos is a powerful ability that you are definitely capable of.

Now if you answered no to the previous question then I'd like to congratulate you for being very honest with yourself. Many of us never even realize that we have the ability to remain at peace during stressful times. I myself have been working on this for a while, and I'm starting to get pretty good at it; or maybe it's because I have less things to stressed about :). But here's a point to consider, what if our perception of what peace is, is unrealistic in our definition?

What if you believe you must be free of worry, debt, not making mistakes, free of evil people, the list goes on and on. Are you possibly in the mental trap of "if only"? If only I had more money, if only I had a better relationship, if only I was in better shape.... Not that you shouldn't seek to accomplish these goals, but wouldn't it be more useful to pursue these goals with no attachment or aversions? I believe it does.

Hale Dwoskin tells us in his book The Sedona Method, "Attachments are those things that we desire to hold close. Aversions are those things that we desire to hold away. In both cases, the operative word is "hold." Since they are the leading cause of our unnecessary suffering, a primary definition of freedom would be having no attachments and no aversions."

So let's come back to what peace really is - the ability to be free of our attachments and aversions in life. You see the only way to fall out of peace is when we're in resistance to what is. When we let go of our resistance then we can be in a state of peace.

Hale goes on to tell us: "When we experience peace, we feel, "I am. I am whole, complete, and total unto myself. Everyone and everything is part of myself. It is all perfect." The body has a lot more energy but is totally at rest - still. The energy is quiet and calm. The mind is clear and empty, yet totally aware. There is no need for pictures or thoughts. Life is as it is, and all is well."

So where are you right now - in peace or a little stressed? Take a step back and see if you're resisting how life is, or perhaps you're living in the "if only" trap. The first step in changing this is becoming aware of it. So if you are now aware - you now have the ability to let it dissolve, congratulations!

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