I'm not sure where to begin. I'm an Entertainer/Vocalist trying to finish my CD.& take it to another level. I'm really good at what I do. I've been blessed with the Artistic Talents and feel sad that I am not doing any of my talents at this time due to trying to build my cushion of money so in the meantime I am working an on the road sales job...don't really like it cuz I hate being gone all the time. I've had money struggles this lifetime and its been really trying on my nerves. I'm trying to hold on to what's mine. The odd thing is I have 5 grand of my money out there that is mine but I can't have access to it til a month or so. I have bills due Dec 1st and am praying visualizing and trying to breathe thru all this. I don't want to leave my home. I want to be the one deciding my next move not forced into it due to my money being held cuz the last sales job I had screwed my money over and this one holds it for 3=4 weeks. I need my money that's mine. I worked for it and should be able to have it to save my things. I am really upset over this pls pray that God and the Magical Angels come forth once again and deliver my MIRACLES NOW...In the Name of Jesus Amen. I also bought a car recently and its been nothing but a headache. THANK GOD ITS A GOOD CAR However it has a few little things that need to get fixed before it passes smog and now the 2nd temp plate has expired I have to register this vehicle but won't be able to til I get it legit thru smog...I can't fix it cuz I don't have access to my money and I need this car to do my crappy on the road sales job again after thanksgiving...I am sick to my stomach with all this drama HELP!!! IT's not stress its I've become numb and feel really lost not sure where I belong...KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS GOD ALWAYS DELIVERS I NEED A MIRACLE RIGHT NOW AMEN!!!

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