Relaxed my self to deeper levels while awake!

by Nirmal Mozumdar
(India.. Haryana Hisar )

Being a healer and teacher myself from past many years, though I do lots of meditation , affirmation and yoga. but never reach this deep level of relaxation while still awake... Today I was feeling full of gratitude towards David Mc.. for helping me relax completely and be in my awareness. I have had very deep meditative experiences in the past and there was always certain amount of fear element present in each soul travel experience .. unconsciously... may be fear of drawning , fear of failure or fear of some encountering some unseen abstacles..I am releasing from my system completely today with the help of divine intervention in the form of this great service by dear David Mc.. with whom I suddenly felt connected and drawn to attending his free series of 22 days program.. My thanks to Divinity and much love and gratitude to dear david Mc for doing great service to humanity...

With prayers and love ....Nirmal.. Light Worker /Life Coach ..

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