Secret Kindness

by Isabella Hawley
(Orange NSW 2800 Australia)

Hi, I'm Isabella,

I have a dream to be a secret kindness human angel to as many people as possible, especially to the disadvantaged, the crippled, the helpless, and the abused who don't have a voice. It deeply hurts and saddens me to see people suffering.

I want to be able to help people and give to them in a way where they never feel burdened or obligated in any way.

And I want to be able to help people have cold laser treatments who have been in great pain for many years, it's a new WOW!!! technology treatment.

So I want to learn to be a really wise and a really kind and a really happy and an incredible mult-millionaire so I can open my secret kindness account and be able to continually give to people from the interest accumulatd from my secret kindness account each week.

There is so much I want to do, and I could never forget the animals, I adore animals. We desperately need a new rspca where I live at the moment.

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