Self Love 4

Self love is the beginning of greater things to come. As I mentioned before, you are made of the image of the Creator and that image is the seed of love within you. By realizing this you can now work on the next step, which is the extension of love from within to others. 

In Emoto`s experiment with water crystals you learned that thoughts do effect matter outside of yourself. Now think of your thoughts as an energy that is linked to an endless field of the same energy (especially those closest to you.) Now realizethat these thoughts, either positive or negative, will have some kind of an effect at a subconscious level. 

Suppose your relationship with someone is not what you want it to be. Perhaps there is tension and you wish things were better. (I think we can all relate to that). The best thing to do to improve your relationship is to send some positive loving thoughts to that person. Sounds easy does it not? Well it is. It is simple and it works. I guarantee it. 

Try the following exercise. Find yourself a quiet place to relax. Sit or lay down and make yourself comfortable. With your eyes close bring your attention to the person you wish to improve your relation with. See him or her in your mind and tell them that you love them. Feel the love flowing from you and filling their being. See them as being happy and at peace. Feel the love flowing from them and on to you.

You are both full of love and happy. Stay with this loving feeling for a couple more minutes and then go on with what ever you were doing. 

Repeat this exercise as often as you wish and never give up. This will work for you because it comes from you heart. 

May love flourish within you and spread to others. 

Sincerely Bernard McGraw 

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