How to Clear Your Mind With Meditation

What is Meditation – a spiritual practice, a way to clear your mind? Can it help you ease away tension? How can you apply it to your daily life to achieve more energy, health and well being?

Imagine for a moment that your mind is like a pond – a nice peaceful body of water calm and still. When the pond is still we can see the reflection of the beauty all around us - the trees, the blue sky, and the flowers. Now imagine that someone dropped a stone in this body of water, what happens? Yes, the beauty becomes distorted. The beauty is still there but it cannot be experienced until the disturbance is removed and there is calm once again.

What are these disturbances though? Are they emotional blockages i.e. anger, lust, sadness, boredom, apathy, guilt? Could it be physical issues i.e. pain, tension, aches, tiredness, lethargy? Yes, it can be all of these things and more.

To experience a way to clear your mind, your goal is to let go of all the physical and emotional tensions, clear your channel, and let energy pour through you. Does this sound like fun? You bet it is, it’s great having a clear and calm mind. Keep reading and I’ll show you what works best for me.

So the first step in meditation is to relax the body. What works best for me is to do some kind of physical exercise. This can be yoga, qigong, tai chi, or walking– anything that causes movement of the body is perfect. Your purpose is to get the energy moving through your body and release tensions. Once you’ve done this you’ll find it is easier to clear your mind.

Now the next thing to do is to sit in your favorite chair, your body is feeling great. You close your eyes take a deep breath and bam! – you’re instantly in a deep and peaceful relaxation, right? Well for most of us it’s not quite that easy. For most of us it’s pretty difficult. Our thoughts begin to play havoc with us – all kinds of stuff come up, things that happened during the day, or in the past week. If you look closely at your thoughts you’ll notice a pattern, most of your thoughts are things that are emotionally upsetting or annoying. True?

So what do you do now, quit and give in to the ambush of thoughts? No, you simply want to “watch” your thoughts, be curious about them. To clear your mind let go of judging thoughts as good or bad, right or wrong, this or that. Watch them go by as if you were watching clouds moving through the sky. And as you watch your thoughts go by they seem to magically disappear - and you’ll discover that your mind can become calm and peaceful, aware of all the beauty in life.

Meditation is a great spiritual practice; it releases your tensions allowing you to be in a state of equanimity and calmness. You may find that you become more stable and centered in life without effort or struggle. You’re able to clear your mind and be at peace. You may also catch yourself having more peak experiences in your life.