"Tap Into Your Transcendent Mind"

So I'm about to sit down to write this article and upstairs I can hear my wife putting our little girl to bed. Problem is she's completely over-tired and doesn't want to go to sleep. And she's letting everyone within 10 miles know about it! So up goes daddy to try and help. My job is to sit by the edge of her crib and try to soothe her until she falls asleep.

So there I was enjoying an ear piercing shrill drilling into my brain while thinking about what to write on transcendence (fun). Now the first thing I began to do was, well, sing her a nursery rhyme. Then I began to notice that I was feeling a little irritated, once I became aware of it I was able to let it go. I became present with what was happening. As I did I began to have other feelings arise: impatience, irritation, sympathy, compassion, love. As each feeling came up I noticed it and let it go. I did this until I was truly in a transcendent mind. And amazingly my little one fell fast asleep:)

The transcendent mind is found through our ability to let go of our attachments and aversions. It's having the ability to not prefer beauty over ugliness, good over bad, my way over your way. The transcendent mind is without ego, without a need or want for anything to be different. A mind that seeks nothing, not even the self to be happy. It is the mind that has no preferences for this or that.

The transcendent mind sees all things as connected, all things are me and I am all things. You begin to realize that you are an ocean of pure awareness, endless, unborn and undying. This is the state of the peak experience, where you are connecting to everything in a mystical kind of way.

To be in this state, become aware of your thoughts and feelings and let them go, let go of what you like and also what you don't like. Lose your attachments and aversions. You may be amazed to find that you'll become more productive and in flow with life. Another powerful way to reach a transcendent mind is to meditate.

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