How to Discover True Happiness

Can you guess what the number one thing people search for? Nope, not their keys - it's happiness, true? We're all seeking our highest good for ourselves. We are all searching for that which creates peace and joy in our lives. We're looking for complete freedom, unlimited happiness. Is there any one not seeking it? No, I don't think so. But there are those who are consciously seeking and then there are those who are blindly seeking it.

To consciously seek true happiness we must look within; this is the only place where we will find it. To blindly seek it - we have to look outside of our self - in material possessions, in approval, in accomplishment and in the external world. True happiness can only come from within. Looking for happiness in the external world only causes more pain than pleasure. Would you agree?

We discover true happiness by realizing that happiness is our very own self, it's our own being. In a metaphysical sense - we are happiness. We just don't experience it because of our self imposed limitations, our limited beliefs. By looking inwards we discover that we are an infinite being that is perfect, happy and unending. But through the layers of limited concepts we have developed a clouded view. Our infinite being has been hidden away with beliefs of needs, wants, attachments and aversions.

So in order to discover this infinite happiness we must quiet the mind and look inwardly, we can also program our mind with positive images of peace and happiness. These positive thoughts will lead us to a clearer mind - giving us the ability to glimpse into our eternal self.