The Values of Peak Experiences

The following is a list that Abraham Maslow put together that describes the reality that is perceived in Peak Experiences.

As you go through this list determine what values you would like to have more of in your life. At the end of the list I will show you a way to bring about these values in your life.

    1. Truth – honesty, pure, clean and unadulterated
    2. Goodness – rightness, benevolence, we love it
    3. Beauty – wholeness, perfection, completion
    4. Wholeness - unity, tendency to oneness
    5. Dichotomy - transcendence – acceptance, transcending dualities
    6. Aliveness – self-moving energy, full-functioning, expressing itself
    7. Uniqueness – individuality, nothing else like it
    8. Perfection – everything in it’s right place, just-right
    9. Necessity –inevitability, it must be just that way
    10. Justice – fairness, suitability, necessity
    11. Order – lawfulness, perfectly arranged, rightness
    12. Simplicity – heart of the matter, purity, abstract
    13. Richness – nothing missing or hidden, everything equally important
    14. Effortlessness – ease, lack of strain, grace
    15. Playfulness – fun, joy, humor, effortlessness
    16. Self-sufficiency – autonomy, independence, not needing

These values were found in Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences pgs 92-93 Abraham Maslow 1970

Values are who we are, they are not who would like to be at some time in the future, they are who we are right now. They determine the way we perceive the world, they create our map of reality. Values determine how we relate to others and how we express ourselves.

It is very important to become clear about your values. Your life will become more fulfilling when you have your values clarified.

Can you remember a peak experience in your life? What values were you aware of in that moment? What were you honoring? Where were you? Often we value places, such as in nature.

Now decide what values you must have. What values could you simply not live without? Must you be significant? Have excitement and adventure in your life? Must you grow personally or spiritually? What values must you absolutely honor?

Begin by clarifying your top 10 values - the best way is to right it down on paper.
Now place these values in order, 1 being most important 10 the least.
Good, now beside each of these right down a number between 1 and 10, 1 being this value has not been present in my life and 10 this value is present everyday of my life.

Great, I really hope your doing this and not just reading it! Now whatever number you rated yourself between 1-10 ask yourself – Why this high? What am I doing right in my life to bring me this high on the scale? And finally ask - What can I do to bring myself one number higher up the scale?

This exercise will take some time to do. But because of its power, I highly recommend you do it. With a high set of values, you are on your way to Peak Experiences.