"How to Master Your Concentration"

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Do you remember the game "concentration"? It's the game where you lay down all the cards in the deck, face down, then try to make matching pairs by remembering where the pairs are. Can you recall how, at times, it felt like you were concentrating so hard on the game that you didn't have any awareness of what was happening around you? People could walk into the room and you wouldn't even notice them. You were focusing so deeply on that one thing, that no external noise or condition could disturb you. You were able to some how "turn off" your physical senses, and focus exclusively upon one thing. Can you imagine getting into that state right now?

Your concentration is a powerful technique or should I say ability that is important for us to master. Concentration is a technique that has to develop through practice. You don't need to concentrate for a very long time - many masters are satisfied with concentrating for only a few seconds. That is really all that is needed. All that is required is to devote your whole power of focus toward one thing absolutely, even for a moment.

But you might be asking; how could mastering deep concentration benefit me? Well first of all it will definitely improve your visualizations which can help you to stay on target and achieve your goals. It will increase your ability to meditate and listen to your higher self. It can also lead you to a peaceful, transcendent state which can be most important at a time of distress. Sounds good?

The first step in learning the technique of concentration is to eliminate impressions from your mind. Once your mind is clear then you are ready to focus your concentration entirely on one thing. Many masters use mantras or a single word or phase that is repeated over and over. I personally enjoy using the mantra "thank-you" to concentrate on. All that is needed is a momentary blankness of mind followed by the ability to concentrate on one point.

You may also try focusing on your breath. Gently watch the inhale and exhale, feel the air passing through your nostrils and into your lungs. Once you feel that your mind is clear bring your concentration to the center of your forehead, keep a gentle watch. Expect to see nothing and be willing to see everything. You may begin to see a blue flickering light or what looks like a blue flame. Keep your concentration on this blue flame and you could have an amazing experience.

I know achieving deep concentration sounds pretty simple, but for a lot of people this is a huge accomplishment (it was for me). You might not be able to concentrate like a zen monk on your first few attempts, but with enough practice and perseverance you can develop a great new ability.

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